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Abby Pearson, LPGA Class A Golf Instructor


As a LPGA Class A Golf Instructor, golf is my greatest passion. I have been involved with golf for 30+ years playing and teaching the game. I have worked with some of golf's greatest swing coaches and sports psychologist. I now teach those who want to grow their game to the next level. I played collegiate and professional golf, won at each level and coached Division 1 golf. I bring a great deal of knowledge, experience and passion to each student I teach. I enjoy working with all skill levels from little linkers to beginners of all ages. I excel at helping those who aspire to play college golf or simply just want to improve their game.  


*LPGA Class A Golf Instructor

*Played College Golf - University of Tennessee  

*First All American & Co SEC Freshman of the Year- UT Lady Vol

*Played Professional Golf - FUTURES & Asian Tour 

       *(Won Five Times)

*Played U.S. Women's Open (Pumpkin Ridge 2003)

* Won S.C. Women's Amateur and Junior Amateur 

*Clubs - Ping



It's never too late to grow your game; no matter age, or ability. I focus on proper fundamentals with the ultimate goal being for each student to own their own game.  I work with your physical abilities and help to add to your game.  Using a variety of technologies such as V1 Video Analysis and Trackman. 



Trackman is the most Trusted device in golf. It tracks over 27 different parameters of the game including impact and ball flight. It's a great way to train with instant feedback!



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"As a beginner golfer (of mature age), I came to Abby hoping at best to learn how to swing a club and maybe learn a few rules, but through the magic of her teaching, she transformed an awkward newbie into a bogey golfer (in just five lessons). Abby's expert instruction, enthusiasm for the game and commitment to my progress (she even fields random golf questions I text her) have given me a foundation of skill and confidence I never thought I'd possess, and my game continues to evolve with each new lesson. Thanks, Abby"!


Lauren Fitch

Kalamazoo, MI

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